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What supplements should I take to Maintain Weight?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

The following article discusses the supplements to maintain your weight and potentially tighten up, and helps you to understand the purpose of it.

Supplements are just that, a supplement and they cannot replace a complete diet. Food, sleep, exercise and stress management should be considered before supplementing, however the one caveat is that if you are on a calorie restrictive diet, you might want to consider a supplement since your chances of eating ALL of the vitamins and minerals you require will be greatly reduced, and since more food would equal more calories some people might supplement with what their diet is missing.

Another example is Omegas if you are vegan, it can be very hard to get enough through vegan sources without supplementation, or potentially you live in a part of the world that has poor soil quality (e.g. New Zealand has less selenium in the soil), so it might be beneficial to supplement. Read on to find out why someone might consider taking the following...

Multivitamin: To promote optimal health and plug any gaps in your diet. For more informtation, click this link.

HMB: A great way to add leucine and boost muscle-building pathways without adding extra calories.

Whey: Protein is important if you would like to increase your lean mass. Right after your workout with some carbohydrates or added to oats in the morning are just some examples of how to increase your protein intake in a convenient and tasty whey (get it?) Click here for some other great ideas for how to use whey.

Casein: Your body prioritizes repair at night ahead of your next session. Casein aids with this recovery by slowly releasing aminos during the night time.

Beta alanine: With the eyes on the prize, you’ll want to ensure that you can give your best in your sessions. Using beta alanine you can go for longer, so that means greater fitness and faster too!

ZMA: Sleep is where your body prioritizes repair. Use ZMA to aid in the best restorative sleep that you can get!

Do you have other recommendations to maintain weight? Message us and let us know!

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