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Who we help

We acknowledge that you are the expert in your needs and body. We use a series of questions to work out whether we at DrSuzSquad are the right fit, and since we have helped 100s of clients with their own journey, we also know what you may need based on our experience to get you there. Full disclaimer, we will recommend exactly how many times you need to see us and what steps you need to take to get to your goal fastest.


From a duty of care perspective, we ask more questions than others so that 6 months from now you aren't still spending your money on something that won't take you to your goal.

If you haven't been successful in the past, ask yourself which of these 5 pillars of success was missing.

1. Correct Exercise (progressive with some resistance training)

2. Correct Nutrition (correct foods and amount for your goals)

3. Accountability (someone following up on both of the two above)

4. Maintenance phase (teaching you how to keep it)

5. Mindset/behaviour coaching (even if it is right information the wrong information for your lifestyle is a dealbreaker)

Sometimes we find by talking to you that not only was there one or more of the 5 pillars of success missing, but there wasn't the level of experience required for your journey. Many personal trainers can help you as long as you are robust and require low maintenance and low experience from them. We also know how to help if a spanner comes out in the works (e.g. you played on your kids sports team and hyper extended your knee at the weekend, but also have back pain you have been working on).

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