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Back Pain

How to reduce back pain and strengthen your mid section with simple life strategies in 3 months without the need for excessive appointments and make it "gone for good".

Have you been ignoring the pain for too long, thinking that rest would make it go away instead it has gotten worse and it's harder to ignore now? Is your sleep or moving in your day effected? Perhaps you feel like you are getting better only for your back to "give out" or "flare up" again?

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In this immersive program...

- Learn how to beat back pain for good

- Learn why the things you have tried haven't been able to keep back pain at bay

- Understand what your pain means

- Learn your triggers and how to prevent them short term (you won't be triggered long term)

- Re-train your inner core motor units that have been disengaged due to compensation measures by your body.

- You won't specifically need access to specialised equipment, just some items to aide your recovery

- You will save hundreds of hours out of your day attending specialised appointments and take control of your health again!



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