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About Us


When you join up with us, you’ll get more than you planned for, we actually care! Plus your enjoyment, your results and building your knowledge are our number 1 priority.


You’ve probably found a lot of gyms to be boring, confusing, intimidating or that it wasn’t your “thing”. You have probably tried everything and it hasn't worked. But.... you haven't tried us.... so that's not quite *everything*.


We have a multi factorial approach to getting your goals with knowledge, experience and the difference is, we care about you and you getting there! We cater to all fitness and experience levels, plus any niggles you want to rehab to be fully functional as well as injuries or pain in the shoulder, back, knee, ankle, hip, elbow, wrist and neck. We also have experience with a multitude of chronic illnesses like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis and fibromyalgia to name a few.

Whether you have tried it all and just can’t find your “thing” or whether you have never set foot in a gym before (and don’t want to!) it's time to stop looking and use that energy to take you to your best health with our expert team.


Results based Holistic Health

We know you’re busy, and we don’t want you to make an ultimatum between your family or friends and fitness. We know the science to get you the maximum results for the minimum amount of time, and no that doesn’t mean HIIT training!


In fact, we believe it doesn’t have to hurt to work, and we have collectively helped people lose over 1000kg with our mantra.

We can help with nutrition, stress reduction, sleep routines and EXERCISE of course. Plus we have rehabbed some squaddies who were told elsewhere that they were too broken to participate. Because we care, and we don’t take your fitness lightly, we take it very seriously!

We make a positive inclusive environment which is non intimidating and fun.

Our Clients


Amazing Positive and Inclusive Community

One of our 3 pillars is our community spirit. Most soon-to-be squaddies come to us and have tried everything to get the results that they crave, and yet it wasn’t for them nor did it get them their results. 

Community to us is very important because any fitness trainer can tell you you have lost weight or are getting stronger, but when you hear it from another squaddie, or you can hear how other people have overcome the same challenges, it can help you excel! We also only admit people who are kind and friendly to our program so no need to worry about our environment.

We are passionate about introducing absolute beginners to fitness as much as we enjoy challenging our most athletic squaddies to achieve new heights of glory. If you think you’re one of those people who hates to work out… we lovingly agree you probably just hate gyms. That’s cool. We can hate gyms, too. That’s why we put your goals and what you need first, and develop the way to reach your goals with you in mind. INSTEAD of making you fit in with whatever the G17 gym is doing up the road.


Don’t take our word for it. Check out the google reviews from our team.

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