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When fitspo becomes less “fit inspiration” and more “fit interrogation”!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Goodness it’s not nice manners to criticise people for not being as dedicated. And sometimes I see it on social media it makes me quite angry. Also, read my post on how social media affects us. Everyone can be motivated by a good example of a person eating healthy food or working out and not making excuses (actions are powerful). What I find isn’t too motivating or inspiring is to mock others because they aren’t sacrificing as much of their lives to eating clean or working out. That to me is just bullying! Don’t let pages that make you feel this kind of guilt be your guide… Healthy choices start with you- and that includes whether you choose to follow these unhealthy attitudes.

My definition of healthy includes the mind… social health, as well as nutrition and exercise! EVERYTHING is a choice. If the intrinsic enjoyment of going to the gym or eating healthy (when others aren’t as dedicated) isn’t enough, maybe its THEIR own happiness that needs an attitude check. life is all about choices and balance. Be yourself and create your own health destiny !

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