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My biggest compliment: that I am real… :) We all are real !

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

”Congratulations on your Ph.D.… you don’t know me but I follow you online. I love that when I follow you that you are a real person, you work out and you work hard, and you look ‘real”

Just the other day I received the BIGGEST compliment. It might not seem like I should be calling it big, but it struck my heart for 2 reasons: 1. I enjoy sharing with you all online (so I feel blessed that people do read and find what I say useful) 2. That I LOOK REAL.

I know that sex sells, but at what cost? Perpetuation of #selfies in #undies all under the guise of ‘progress’ photos. The #belfie (butt-selfie) in lacy underwear? Sometimes so called fitness inspiration can be borderline questionable as to whether it is really inspirational or should be in the sealed section of a magazine stand.

FACT: Working out will not emulate visions of a casual breeze, billowing away the tendrils of hair of a perfectly made-up makeup palette. It's sweaty and things get uncomfortable. Its our body’s (and mind’s) tolerance for the uncomfortable that increases. Each time we do these things we get better! But never will it ever be like the Baywatch-style workout that is sensationalized in online life.

We are all real. The only thing that isn’t real is the CERTAIN ASPECTS of what we see online. Don’t let any images of seemingly perfect people all made up to workout stop you from the hard work all in the pursuit of your dreams. Don’t let media images that you are bombarded get in your way. I’m certainly no stranger to sweaty sessions! In my opinion: sweat sparkles!

I’m not passing judgement on people for wanting to share these kind selfies and undies shots online, that is their choice (and you look GREAT!): its just not for me, and I don’t think that it should be an idealized norm that restricts people out there who want to get healthy and fit but might feel intimidated by this perception that its all coiffured hair and that these people don’t have to make an effort to be in shape.

PS just so you know: I always insist that ANYTHING I use whether online or for print is not digitally altered. I am me! (And this photo was certainly not after a workout!) I urge everyone to check this advert out directed at encouraging people that we all look real when we work out!

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