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TRANSFORMATION! ‪#‎REALCHAT‬ ‪#‎fruit‬ ‪#‎sugar‬ ‪#‎fructose‬

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

I did a SCIENTIFIC experiment on MYSELF. This is the result of a 6-week experiment.

(Ok N= 1… but i was systematic in my approach and controlled the other variables) MYTH: ‘BANANAS (OR INSERT NAME OF FRUIT) CAUSE BELLY FAT’

Truth? Nope, not if you are eating them as part of a balanced diet.

Everyone these days has jumped on the SUGAR HATING bandwagon. Yes, there is sugar in fruit. But that doesn’t mean that fruit is bad for you. Fructose in fruit is slightly different than artificial fructose because in the fruit it is accompanied by nutrients and fiber especially. FIBRE slows down the absorption of this sugar and therefore it isn’t the same as having that equivalent amount of sugar in a big slice of cake. To test this, I changed to eating fruit as part of my carbohydrates for the day. i had 6 pieces of fruit each day: 2 at breakfast, 2 pre-workout, and 2 post-workout (thanks to the nice supply of seasonal fruit growing in my parent's place). I did this for 6 weeks. NOTE: I changed to fruit for some of my carbs… and therefore had exactly the same amount of carbs.

Picture 1 (LEFT) BEFORE. Picture 2 (RIGHT) after 6 weeks of 6 pieces of fruit a day. RESULT: NO CHANGE! My conclusion…. it's not fructose from FRUIT that we should be scared of. YOU KNOW BEST… is fruit bad for you? Let's be more worried about the biscuits in the cupboard than the fruit in the fruit bowl.

Take home points: be less scared of fruit (you do know best): Try opting for foods that are closer to the way they are in nature (and not with a package and a list of ingredients).

Remember that I used fruit as part of my usual intake: Im not telling you to eat 6 pieces of fruit a day, but I am telling you that by me having an equal amount of carbs instead of the whole food carbs I usually have (rice, sweet potato, oats, pumpkin)… it did not make me accumulate more fat or body weight.

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Thank you.

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