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#realchat. Fitness competitors: You are far too beautiful to be described with a number (placing).

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

#realchat Fitness competitors: You are far too beautiful to be described with a number (placing).

Remember that. As we push for the healthy approach for being healthy, everyone has seen the “number on the scale doesn’t mean much”. All too often i see “sorry, I didn’t win it”…. Don’t apologise, you have nothing to be sorry about!

But how many people remind you that no matter what the number on that medal, or whether you receive a medal or not, does not measure your worth, your commitment, your beauty and your soul? Sure you didn’t think it did, I’ll hear you say, but it doesn’t make it any more raw when your 110% dedication, the sacrifice, the pushing is not matched by the result on the stage. Getting on stage is not like the movies where a girl or guy with the most interesting struggle, or the best and most polite and courteous wins. That’s not what the medal is for. The medal sometimes might go to someone who is mean to animals or was boozing the weekend before the show. It might go to someone who steals candy from children and always ruins the punch line of jokes for other people. Why? Because the medals go to the person who is chosen by the nominated panel to meet the classification determined in the rules. That means that even if you have the best muscle or the best physique you might not walk away with the medal. You might be not tan enough, your bikini might be cut wrongly to show it all off. You might not catch the attention of the judges like the person who decided to backflip out onto the stage. Does that mean you didn’t enjoy the experience? Does that mean that you wasted your time entering? Only you can answer that. If the answer is solely determined by that placing on the medal, it might be a better fit to enter competitions with an objective end: ones like a race where the first person across the line wins. Or where the person who jumps the highest wins. Don’t let this moment define you. No defeat should be fatal.

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