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How often should I go to the gym?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

So, you’ve just started exercising and are unsure if you are doing enough sessions or are doing too many.

Well, the answer to this is that there is no right answer. Not much to go on, right? Well, keep reading because there will be some tips and tricks to understand how many sessions are needed to get the most bang for your buck, for your needs.

In the gym everyone is different depending on goals, exercise history, fitness levels, jobs, and frequency to train.

So, let’s rule out some options for you, 1 time a week is not enough for changes to occur as there is not enough stimulus on the muscles, often enough for them to adapt. This would only be recommended if you are doing 2-3 sessions of other types of exercise during the week.

The other training that you would want to rule out is 7 days a week.

Training every day especially if you are a novice will put your body at a high likelihood of burnout and injury because it isn’t equipped to deal with this many sessions as it does not have enough recovery time to repair and rebuild those muscles. Elite athletes may do this, as their bodies are more conditioned to training although even then it is not recommended.

So, what do we recommend?

We recommend starting with 3 sessions If you are not doing any other exercise and trying that out for a couple of weeks. Assess how you are feeling whether you are fatigued or if you feel like you can do more. Increase or decrease from there. If you are doing other activities such as a sport or run regularly, try 2 sessions. You can also check my post on some effective and fun exercises.

The main thing is to monitor your mood and body and how you are feeling and adjust from there.


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