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Exercises To Get The Heart Pumping And The Sweat Flowing!

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Hammer Grip Chin Ups – A lot of people cheat on their ROM (range of motion) when they use a wider grip, but this is one of the fundamental basics that you can pull out in any gym that has the associated handles. Not to mention that neutral grip is also said to be a little bit easier on the joints (which of course you should be expecting to have for life), plus it works the front and the back of the arm, as well as your back (this one really fires up and engages your lats so you get more bang for your training buck).


Dumbbell Lunge – Nothing beats this! You can use straps if you are worried that your grip will fail before your legs do! This is a very functional movement and can eliminate the temptation to cheat by disengaging your glutes with stationary lunges, or to favor one side over the other. Depth is key for a real emphasis on shaping your legs!


Cable Waddle Walk – In order to feel the burn in your butt, grab a low cable from behind between your legs and do a slow walk away from the cable machine, holding a squat. I find that the constant engagement during this exercise gives you a different kind of challenge during your workout, and also helps remind you that it is not just about moving a weight from A to B but more about engaging the mind to muscle connection. Alternatively, you can try this exercise holding the cable in front of you and walk slowly forwards and backwards, whilst holding the squat.


Wide grip bent over barbell row to really target back thickness!


Smith machine seated military press negatives: load the bar up heavy and push up with both arms, then lower slowly with one arm. Targeting the negative is a great way to push through training plateaus that you may have reached. It also creates muscle confusion to really challenge your muscles and force them to adapt and change.


Roman twists with medicine ball (feet off ground):Watch the ball as you twist around to really engage the core. Easier option feet on the ground. The reason I like this is because with nothing to support your upper body, your core needs to be locked at all times, which also means more muscle recruitment in the abs, obliques, and lower back.


One-legged calf raises on standing calf raise machine: first point toe out, then in, then straight ahead to isolate each of the areas of the calve. I love this because it targets and isolates all areas of your calves and really gets the burn going!

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