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Follow up call scripts (Following on from the Gen Z / Millennial guide)

This is geared towards someone who has maybe been for a movement screen or a free trial, or has been the friend in "bring a friend".

If you need to see what to say when talking to a new inquiry, click here.

"Hi XX, What have you been up to today? How have you been since our session?"

(Use the time to connect and build rapport by asking with how their day has been. Be genuinely interested in them, don’t just ask “how are you?”)

How did you find the movement screen/the session/the trial?

(Get them to remember back into the online form/questionnaire they have done)

After reading your questionnaire and over the notes from our first session, is it right

to say you top reasons for wanting coaching are? (The more specific you are the

clearer they will be on why your program is right)

Why is it so important you achieve (Insert the outcomes they want to achieve) in the

next 3 months?

"Our typical daily back pain sufferers that are our clients in 6 months forget they even had back pain daily, would that be ok with you?"

(Here I use typical results from the goal they want from the experience I have). I am confident in this as I know my niche well and have got a lot of great results.

"Would you be happy to work on these changes now so we can get you there in the next few months?" OR "Are you happy to be another 6 months later with the same thing you want to work on?"

I usually dont have to ask the last question, as they either want to get there or they are happy not to. No judgement either, because why do you want someone who isnt ready for you yet?

Finally I tell them that I have 3 options that will get them there and I tend to have this sent as an email so they can see it in front of them and also so that we can chat through it. This all of course is if we haven't had the chance to do it in person when they come for the movement screen.

The 3 options I have take into account what I saw in their movement screen, whether they move well without pain (then they might be able to do group or semi private). It also allows for them to choose a lesser recommended option that isn't the most ideal if they perhaps have budget constraints.

Ill also make sure to describe why I have recommended these options vs other ones too. Like if someone isn't moving well I'll tell them that for the next x number of weeks Ill only allow them to do one on one or semi private, not online coaching as I need to teach them the movements.

Dealing with objections: Firstly, if a client is outside of my scope or I get the sense that we are not a great fit, I recommend they go to one of my colleagues in the area and I say "you know, I think I have someone who, based on your goals is a better fit, can I tee up a meeting?"

Secondly if someone says "Ill think about it" I usually try to ask them if there are other considerations they need to take into account (which is covered in my goal setting and movement screen, such as kids and work etc, but maybe they have other things they are thinking about). The thing is, the only person who can give them more information is you. So its often better not to be too jumping to conclusions and allow them a bit of time with you to think about questions they have for you to help them out. For me, as I have gone through their lifestyle in their movement screen and their goals, if they say that they will think about it usually it means I am out of their price bracket, so that's fine too. I enjoy (because I'm sassy) if someone says that they have to ask their husband about spending money or their wife, Ill say, "I respect that, although, if they say no, does that mean you'll forget about your goal?"

Anyways! Most people if they show up to a movement screen are not there for a friendship or to waste yours or their time. So 95% of the time, itll be a yes.

Congratulate them and take the first payment there and then - if your systems are set up correctly you can automate the program starting, your coaching agreements to be sent and

their login details will automatically get sent across along with a link for them to book in. DONE! I have my own tech systems i use for this so check out my other posts on tech stacks. And if you need help with conversions, reach out!

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