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Fitness trends that need to be cancelled this year

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The following trends need to be put to rest and replace them!

Demonizing weight loss and glorifying good genetics

I am so happy that the fitness industry finally saw that there were other goals other than losing weight. But then (as can happen) it went too far. Now people are literally demonizing those who want to lose weight.

My point is, exercise, however you get into it, is very good for you and who cares if you would like to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, or just want to be less stressed or get stronger. The thing is, maybe you need to do one of these things for your own reasons. So I'm here to say, regardless of your exercise: you can sit with me.

Wearable technology misuse

I see so many people investing thousands into wearable fitness technology but they have no idea what the numbers or outputs mean.

I often see gym members (with no pre-existing heart condition!) that stop a workout to show me their heart rate or to look at their heart rate and tell me they need to stop because their heart rate is high.

Unfortunately your heart rate does have to increase to do exercise and your heart adapts with correct training and proper recovery- but the act of seeing numbers that are poorly understood are impeding their progress in the gym because they don’t understand the numbers!

I want that to be scrapped and tech to output meaningful information to the user instead of just random numbers that might seem troubling!

This Tik Tok trend had people eating healthy (great) reading a book (great) and exercising for at least 45mins 2 times a day for 75 straight.

The issue I have is that it’s quite extreme, and everyone should have a rest day. Plus it encouraged exercise twice a day, and who has time for that? You build muscle when you are resting from a workout not in the workout. So you need adequate amounts of both rest and work. You can also check my article on how to fit exercise into your crazy schedule.

Let’s replace that with #365compounding and each week aim for some sweat time, adequate sleep, getting some steps in daylight to get vitamin d, resting, laughing, seeing friends educating ourselves but also putting into action what we learn so we don’t just forget what we read. Small habits daily compound and by doing small things they compound (just like compounding interest) to make big changes.

Post Covid bounce back

People are trying to undo 2 years of “f if we are in lockdown” and getting social gratification for “I need a bottle of wine and chocolate after that lockdown announcement” by posting on their social media and people cheering them into their bad habits. And unfortunately in the bid to try and fit into pre Covid professional attire people are taking extreme action (by going on liquid diets, spurred on by Kim K). Couple that with a trend emerging for "heroin chic" body shape.... I’d like to put an end to it before it gets carried on to next year and remind people about the compounding effect of exercise and nutrition (see above). You might be “getting away” with extreme choices now but the choices you make today manifest in your health and conditions in 5-10 years time. Those who neglect that will find they are suffering through early osteoporosis or accelerated aging!


I just dont think that extreme exercise is useful for anyone and can lead to quite toxic relationships towards exercise. Lets promote compounding healthy choices and try to make as best of a job that we can. Fitness isn't your whole career, nor is it what you'd rather be doing most times.... so its just great if you can "fit it in".

You can also check out my post on some things you should consider in your exercise routine and don't hesitate to reach out if you want to share your thoughts or have any questions!

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