• Dr Susan Baxter

Choosing a personal trainer:

Experience, as well as knowledge is essential, especially if you are someone who is participating in a specialist activity (such as body sculpting).

Another aspect is communication: can the person communicate and relay the information knowledge and skills to you?

Not to mention: can they apply/tailor/individualise the program to you? Every aspect of health and fitness is not a one size fits all approach, so just because they have one tried and tested method, there should also be a greater awareness of how to tweak and what signs to look for to tweak.

Qualifications are essential too, and specialisation of these. You wouldn’t go to a butcher for your appendix surgery would you?

Are they able to relate to you? Like do they “get” you? This is essential to the relationship, since they are going to have access to as much info as a spouse would!

In each instance, there is no right person for all, (although there could be a “wrong for all”). Does the person only boast online about how amazing they are, or do they prove it? Are they the only person singing praises for themselves, or are there clients also singing these praises? Their business should be build on consistent realists, referrals from others and happy clients.

What will be the sign of the right fit? RESULTS. You can’t change unless you want to, and the person can’t do it for you. But the right fit person, it just works.

One more thing: if your personal trainer is more concerned with promoting your results online and taking the glory for your hard work, ask yourself if it is what you want.

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