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Have You Used Your Protein Powder In These 7 Wheys?

So many people think that protein powder can only be used in smoothies. However, that is not the case! It’s time to re-think the whey you look at your whey/casein.

For one point, whey is an incredibly delicious and high protein alternative for some of the main ingredients you’re baking. Sometimes it can be tough to reach the protein requirements that you have for the day, and that is where whey can help supplement your protein intake. In recipes that call for flour, consider whey substituted with oat flour for a healthy and high-protein alternative.

Feeling inspired? Have a quick look at some of these new ways to use your whey!

1. As a bedtime brownie:

Sometimes you just don’t want to drink your protein, and this is a great alternative that is like a dessert. Simply add 1 scoop of casein and 1 egg white in a bowl with 1-2 cups of water. Mix well. Microwave for 1-2 mins and eat hot. (Tip add a mashed banana prior to cooking if you want added “awesome”!)

2. As a mousse:

Chocolate and fudge flavors do well as a decadent-tasting mousse. Add a minimal amount of water to a scoop of whey and mix into a thick paste. As an option, add 1 cup of Greek yoghurt or plain unsweetened yoghurt. Serve with fruit and enjoy chilled.

3. As a protein ice pop:

As the weather heats up, a protein ice pop can help you to cool down after a tough session at the gym. Simply add a minimal amount of water to a scoop of whey and mix into a thick paste. Pour into a silicon container and freeze for a tasty protein ice pop!

4. In your oats:

Do you even proats? Protein powder, plus oats equal an optimized breakfast. Many studies have shown that a high protein breakfast leaves you satisfied for longer and that you tend to make better meal choices throughout the day as a result. Simply add one scoop of your favorite flavor to your cooked oats.

5. In your rice:

Remember rice pudding from your childhood? Re-create this by adding a scoop of your whey to cooked rice (plus a little water and perhaps milk/almond milk) for a nutritious one-up on your usual rice pudding!

6. As a meat seasoning:

Meat plus sweet is a flavor combination made in heaven…. think of: Chicken and apricot, sweet chili chicken, turkey and cranberry, strawberry and balsamic vinegar….. Now there is a way to make a seasoning that is easier on the waistline. All that is required is to add 1/2 a scoop of whey to cooked chicken for a delicious and nutritious flavor combination. I recommend the fruit flavors, but chocolate is pretty great too.

7. In your nut spread:

Who needs a peanut butter jelly sandwich when you can have a high protein chocolate nut spread instead? All that is required is a nut spread of your choice, add 1/2 a scoop of chocolate whey or some strawberry whey plus a tsp milk / almond milk/ melted coconut oil and there you have a tasty higher protein alternative to PB&J!

What ways have you used your whey? Let us know! Send us a message here, or reach out to us through Facebook or Instagram.

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