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Fruit and Vegetables Can Make You More Attractive!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Can you get a real-life “Photoshop” and become more attractive (without surgery?) and become a nicer person?

They always say that eating vegetables is good for you, but one could think it might be an urban myth. Thanks to two studies from a New Zealand University (Otago) and St Andrews University, it turns out that there is a science to back that up.

Researchers from St Andrews University looked at whether vegetables can make you look and feel healthier and it turns out they can!

People who ate more vegetables were judged to look more attractive than those who did not to other people.

Hold on I hear you say, “maybe they just picked more attractive people to eat the veggies?” Or, “maybe people who eat vegetables tend to take care of themselves better?” Not at all. The study actually had the same people eat more veggies for six weeks and then take a photo to be independently measured and then not eat veggies (and vice versa because this is science).

The same person was rated to be more attractive if they had eaten 2.9 fruit and vegetables and even more attractive still if they ate a further 3.3, than when they did not. It goes to show that there is an outward sign of health that contributes to someone’s attractiveness if you eat more vegetables.

But what about your mood? Can it make you happier and more positive?

Yes, according to a recently released study from the University of Otago. From a study of 171 students, those who were given extra servings of fruit and vegetables for just two weeks had a significant increase in psychological measures of well-being such as vitality and motivation.

I know you might wonder whether students in the other groups just couldn’t afford to buy the fresh produce, but one of the other comparison groups was given vouchers (for fruit and vegetables) and prompts to eat more fruit and vegetables; and those who were told to eat normally for two weeks respectively. Read about why I love ugly fruits here.

Besides making you look better and act nicer, the extra vitamins and minerals will help you ward off an attack from illness and you will be less likely to get sick. Plus getting adequate fiber has been linked to longevity; better cognition and memory.

Take home message: if you just eat about 6.3 servings daily of a wide variety of fruit and vegetables you will actually look better and be more positive in as little as two weeks!

Check out my recipe for Cauliflower Fried Rice for a delicious way of incorporating veggies into your diet. And don't hesitate to reach out to have a chat!

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