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7 NEW ways to use your protein powder

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

1. As a mousse:

Add 2 tbsp water to 1 scoop of whey. Less water makes for a tasty mousse!

2. In a dip:

When you make hummus or pesto, consider using the vanilla ice cream flavour or key lime pie flavour to up the protein punch of your dip.

3. In your oats:

Do you even proats? Protein powder, plus oats equals an optimised breakfast. A recent New York nutrition centre obesity study determined that oats left people more satisfied after breakfast than cereal. Adding protein will make you feel more full for longer.

4. In your rice:

Add a scoop of your whey to cooked rice for a rice pudding!

5. As a meat seasoning:

Lets face it, meat has often been paired with sweet flavours, like mango and apricot. Why not choose a seasoning more opimised for your waistline? 1/2 a scoop added to cooked chicken can really pack a tasty punch!

6. In your spread:

When sweet cravings call, add some gold standard whey in chocolate mocha flavour to your nut butter. Who ever needed jam or chocolate spread when you have this protein version?

7. As a bedtime brownie:

Add 1 scoop casein and 1 egg white in a bowl with 1-2 cups of water. Mix. Microwave for 1-2 mins and eat hot. (Tip add a mashed banana if you want even more awesome!)

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