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When you mix sessions: Cardio/weights…. Which should go first?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

The question you need to ask yourself is… what is your goal. Your goal determines the answer.

You want to be healthy:

Congratulations, you have the weapon of choice! According to the European Journal of Applied Physiology, exercise order does not affect results. So go getting in whatever order you fancy and choose how you wish to do so. Do check my guide on healthy eating as well. Weight loss:

Weights before cardio as the American Council on exercise study determined. Doing weights first lead to a more elevated heart rate, meaning more thermogenesis from the cardio that takes place afterward. Hence more bang for your exercise buck! Being lean:

Split the sessions. Cardio encourages fat loss, but will also diminish muscle, and muscle needs adequate time to repair after strength sessions (which will give you that lean and sculpted appearance!). If you can split these sessions you will maximise the effect of both. If you must mix them, see number 2: do weights first. Being FASTER for a race…

Do your cardio first. Research from the Journal of strength and conditioning showed that the muscle worked first showed most benefit (also why many bodybuilders don’t see gains in their calves: they lump training them onto the end of a long workout for legs!). Therefor if you want to cycle faster for your race, cycle first in your training sessions. The muscles that you need to work harder and push more will have more opportunity to get better. Basically put the most important thing FIRST!

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Lastly, check the rest of my blog for all things fitness!

Thank you for reading.

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