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Holiday Nutrition To Keep Your Waistline Exactly How You Left It!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

It is the most wonderful time of the year! And it should stay that way during the season without added worry of guilt, or those infamous words… “I’ll start again next year”.

Let’s unpack that: health and fitness is a lifestyle; it shouldn’t inhibit your life. That is why we have put together some of the top ways to enjoy your every indulgence during the festive season or on vacation, without experiencing guilt or repercussions!

There are two worrying schools of thought when it comes to holidays:

1. It is a holiday! So, splash out and loosen all rules (then feel the wrath of the holiday take its’ toll upon return). OR,

2. Stick to the diet, spend every day in the gym (which unfortunately can mean that the holiday would and could have just as easily happened at your own house, and not in some lovely setting).

These, of course, are two extremes. But, how about a third one? One that is not of such concern?

3. You enjoy treats in moderation, stay active by doing holiday-related things and come home well-rested with minimal change to outward healthy shape.

If you find yourself in one of the first two options and would prefer to be closer to the third, read on!

When it is holiday time, occasions to eat out, morning teas, staff parties, gym parties, street parties, new moon parties and New Year’s parties can play havoc with anyone’s waistline. So, what can you do to make sure that all these exciting holiday events aren’t destructive on your waistline?

1. Portion Control – think about how much would you usually have for morning tea/lunch.

2. Light Eating Before Events – Go lighter on the portion sizes in meals around the event or meal out. Note: Not so light that you’re so hungry you’re smashing the sushi before the cellophane wrapping is off the plates, but so that you can have a little more leeway in your choices.

3. Increase Your Fiber – In the meal prior to eating out, try to increase how much fiber you consume. This is so that your stomach isn’t totally empty and asking for more. Fibrous vegetables such as bok choy and cabbage are great choices, and ugly ones are the BEST, plus having more vegetables has been proven to make you more attractive!

4. Talk To People – A large reasons for these events/holidays is to spend time with people, not to finish whatever is on the table. Spend more time chatting and you will think less about eating!

5. Hydrate – More alcohol around this time can make you dehydrated. As we know, you can mistake thirst for hunger. Don’t let this be you!

6. Have a Decent Breakfast – People who eat breakfast make more sensible food choices throughout the day. For a quick and wholesome brekkie try a cup of cooked oats, a handful of seasonal berries, mixed in with your favorite flavor of quality whey protein powder.

7. Make Smart Choices – Order the salad when eating out so that if you want something extra in the form of dessert or some wine, there are a few calories left to spend on these indulgences. This is kind of like "if it fits your macros" style of eating.

These are just some tips to keep in mind. Let’s not overthink it and instead enjoy a wine, opening the door of the advent calendar or navigating a new town on vacation and spending time with loved ones. Remember balance is key. To find more, let's chat!

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