• Dr Susan Baxter

Why would I take Fish Oil?

Updated: Jul 25

The following article discusses the supplement Fish Oil, and helps you to understand the purpose of it. Supplements are just that, a supplement and they cannot replace a complete diet. Food, sleep, exercise and stress management should be considered before supplementing, however the one caveat is that if you are on a calorie restrictive diet, you might want to consider a supplement since your chances of eating ALL of the vitamins and minerals you require will be greatly reduced, and since more food would equal more calories some people might supplement with what their diet is missing.

Fish oil supplements are a great anti-inflammatory and are helpful to speed up your exercise recovery. They contain the Essential Fatty Acids: EPA and DHA (two kinds of Omega 3 fatty acids), which help our bodies with pain and swelling. They are also important for a healthy heart; healthy joints and can help you get a more restful sleep.

When choosing fish oil supplements, consider the source: the smaller the fish, the less likely it is to have a build up of pollutants that might be the case for larger fish that are higher in the food chain. Choose krill over salmon.

Did you know that if you take a fish oil tablet with a meal that contains fat, you absorb the Omegas 9 times better than without having a meal at the same time? Boost your intake by having your fish oil with a meal!

Pair your fish oil intake with carnitine to boost fat loss.

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