• Dr Susan Baxter

Fish Oil

Updated: Jun 13

Fish oil supplements are a great anti-inflammatory and are helpful to speed up your exercise recovery. They contain the Essential Fatty Acids: EPA and DHA (two kinds of Omega 3 fatty acids), which help our bodies with pain and swelling. They are also important for a healthy heart; healthy joints and can help you get a more restful sleep.

When choosing fish oil supplements, consider the source: the smaller the fish, the less likely it is to have a build up of pollutants that might be the case for larger fish that are higher in the food chain. Choose krill over salmon.

Did you know that if you take a fish oil tablet with a meal that contains fat, you absorb the Omegas 9 times better than without having a meal at the same time? Boost your intake by having your fish oil with a meal!

Pair your fish oil intake with carnitine to boost fat loss.

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