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Kangaroo Jumps

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

On my whirlwind trip to the NZ Fitness Expo I got to see first-hand the phenomena which is ‘kangaroo jumps’. For those of you wondering, it’s footwear that is rather similar in type to rollerblades or ice skates, but the blade/wheels have been replaced with a hinged spring.

During the expo there were classes held where people got to jump jump jump their energy levels away.

My verdict: looks fun, and can be a great way to release your inner kid! Probably not advisable for those who cannot do impact level activities such as running, but let me go a little bit nerdier on you.

The action of bouncing up and down with that ‘weightlessness’ that you experience releases (along with the heightened activity) endorphins, over and beyond what you would get doing just regular activity. Endorphins are the body’s feel good hormone and are more powerful than morphine and leave you feeling a mood boost and a natural feeling of wellness.

There is also serotonin released (just like in exercise). This creates happiness and can assist with sleep, as well as the adrenaline which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to make the body more alert (the fight or flight response). This response is greater in jumping since there is more of a ‘rush’ created than in regular running for example.

Therefore, besides giving you a chance to release your inner child and a bit of extra novelty from jumping like a kangaroo, there is some real credibility for the potential of this new unique exercise trend. I think I might have to give these ones a try!

Do check my other post on fun and effective exercises and reach out to chat!

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