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Ways to deal with cravings (when it isn’t hunger to blame)

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Sometimes (we have all had it); we find ourselves feeling a craving for food, only 30 minutes after eating lunch.

When this isn't from physical hunger, there can be other culprits. It could be boredom or thirst in disguise. Perhaps it is a poor choice of food in your last meal (high GI foods will spike blood sugar levels and make you feel hungrier sooner).

If you still haven’t managed to curb the craving by identifying it from the above, try: 1. A healthy snack: We crave poor food choices, why not have some spinach greens with tossed vegetables? Read more about how fruits and veggies can benefit you.

2. Drink a hot drink: The warmth and fullness in your stomach helps to relieve these cravings

3. Take a nap: People who are sleep deprived tend to consume 500 calories more per day in excess of their requirements.

4. Drink some water: This might help you determine whether it was in fact thirst. Being dehydrated by just 20% impairs your performance both physically and cognitively (making you more likely to make poor decisions)

5. Do something: When you are bored more likely than not you are not involved in an activity. Go for a walk, watch a movie or just do something! Perhaps some meal preparation could also help (people who prepared food had been shown to get similar but smaller "rewards contingencies" in the brain as people who are eating the food!

6. Chew gum: Sometimes the chewing action helps to curb the response (mint helps too).

7. Brush your teeth: this can make even the most delicious morsels to be gross.

8. Schedule your meals: People who ate breakfast were less likely to be affected by cravings during the day. I also have an ultimate guide for healthy eating.

There you have it…. some ways to ensure you don’t succumb to those pesky cravings!

If you like what you read, I do have a series of eBooks you can find here. I have designed these to inform and educate with real no-nonsense information about how to live a sustainably healthy life long term. It is the tool kit and knowledge that you need to make your own informed decisions for long-term health.

Thank you for reading.

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