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My trip to the Olympia 2015

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

The Olympia: possibly the true pinnacle of any bodybuilder or fitness competitor's career.

But what is the Olympia? The Olympia was created in 1963, by Joe Weider who had a vision that he felt would take the sport of bodybuilding to a new level: Mr. Olympia. It was to be the “Ultimate contest, with the ultimate prize”.

Qualifying for the Olympia is no easy feat… in fact here are the criteria that you must reach: Previous Mr. Olympia winners (if more than 5 years they must have IFBB approval); Top 6 finalists from the previous year’s Mr. Olympia. Top 6 finalists from the same year’s Arnold Classic. Top 5 finalists from the same year’s New York Men’s Professional (previously called Night of the Champions). Top 3 finalists from any other competition in the IFBB professional tour held during the subsequent year prior to Mr. Olympia. Ranked in the top 20 of the World qualifying events. The winner of the Masters Professional World Championships.

BEFORE all of that, however, you must have won your “Pro” status from your country’s organisation (in NZ that is the NZIFBB). That could take years to achieve, and not everyone can make it.

To step on stage at such an event requires not only hours of dedication in the gym, determination and discipline with diet but also a series of successes.

Mastering the diet and training, as well as the mind games.

Mastering your body to peak it well for the stage: The stage body can only be held in its peak condition for a few hours tops on stage day.

Mastering the body to the point that it meets the exact specifications for the class and category…This requires progressive training and adapting the plan to meet the goals of the category. For women in bikinis, it is about that hourglass X shape with shapely glutes and shoulders, a narrow waist, and a great abdominal section. It is also how you present that entire package on the stage.

That all in mind: those who come that far (to become a Pro) are literally on top of the game… and for this, I have a high level of respect for them. When I saw all of the athleticism on stage this weekend at the Olympia I was utterly blown away. It reaffirmed for me my commitment to the dream to qualify and get on that Olympia stage one day.

If you haven’t been to the Olympia before, you should also know that there is so much on to see and do during the Olympia weekend: Right beside the Olympia is one of the most massive expos that you will come across possibly in the world. The events centre halls beside the Renaissance Hotel are merged together to accommodate everything health and fitness related. There are magazines, clothing, supplements, gadgets, gizmos, technology, and equipment all with a focus on the leisure industry. There are also a number events held in the arena to tantalize everyone's interest: cross-fit style games and strongman contests.

For me, meeting the top industry experts, and professionals and seeing all of the latest developments in the industry really inspired me and was so refreshing. I love what I do, and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to inspire and educate others globally on the topic of healthy living. This event is not to be missed if you can possibly help it!

If you like what you read, I do have a series of Ebooks you can find here. i have designed these to inform and educate with real no-nonsense information about how to live a sustainably healthy life long term. It is the tool kit and knowledge that you need to make your own informed decisions for long-term health.

Thank you for reading. Reach out for anything you have in mind and check out the rest of my blog for all things fitness.

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