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What is Sweat Equity Coaching?

Sweat Equity Coaching gives coaches the peer support and community they need. Many people operating in these fitness silos have been lead to believe that getting paid for personal training or having a liveable wage can be put off. We disagree. And you are not a charity.

It's sometimes very hard to know what you're actually getting when you sign up for a business coach: a lot of them will tell you exactly what you want to hear! Being someone who's personally fallen for that (and lost a whole bunch of money on courses), whilst also studying a lot of courses that were actually really useful, I wanted to be able to create a course that was actually helpful and tell you all the things that you didn't know, but you need to know; or things that you may already know but are not currently employing; and helps you to understand the reason why you might want to be doing those things.

We specialize in personal training businesses, where you have one (yourself) to three people working within your business. You run some of: personal training, semi private and group fitness classes. We specialize in lean startups, where a business does proof of concept before continuing to invest money, compared to someone who is telling you to have a millionaire mindset and have bottomless pockets to be able to continue to create this dream of yours. In the fitness industry, we actually believe that you should be very much led by the clientele. They may not always know what they need, but in recognizing what they want, you can show up in your business in a way that responds to the needs of your clients and what you know they need based on those issues and problems that they've been having. We also specialize in business with honesty and integrity, and this is not throwing shade on anyone else's business.

The type of sales and marketing we teach coaches to use is really based on being exactly who we are. No trickery, and we don't employ sneaky little tactics to trick people into parting with their money. Instead, we're actually trying to help people and we work with our coaches to help their clients from a health first basis. We believe it's not really sales if we're aiming to help first and in fact, we feel empowered and it's our duty to be able to help people with the knowledge and skills that we have. We come from a background of working in the fitness industry for 16 years, but we made a lot of the mistakes along the way (so you don't have to).

Just like you do, we also believe in helping as many people as possible find their love of fitness and find a healthier way of living. We realized quite early on that we couldn't do this if it was just us working in isolation, that we as a fitness industry need to band together. This is where Sweat Equity Coaching came from. Because there are a number of really small things that are not commonly done but absolutely will change how you attract clients, and how long those clients stick around with you and how many of them convert to be one of your card carrying heroes!

Who we don’t work with: businesses that do not want to help first and instead put profits over people. We absolutely do believe that you should be financially remunerated for your work, and work with profits but not at the expense of you or your client.

Are you operating a pseudo charity (not getting paid a livable wage?) are you working split shifts, long days and canceling all personal plans for clients re-scheduling? We’ve done that too, and we can help you understand what setting boundaries is all about whilst still being able to grow your business.

Reach out! Let's have a chat. We are always interested in having a chat with like-minded people.

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