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Wellness trends for trainers to embrace 2024

Updated: May 31, 2023

Ive gone and done it, Ive cracked open the Christmas decorations (metaphorically) and its not even July yet by writing the trends that I see emerging and continuing into 2024. So come with me and tell me whether you agree?

Knowledge-Based Themes:

  1. Harnessing Wearable Technology: As fitness professionals, it is important to understand the benefits of wearable technology and how to integrate it into training sessions. This may involve creating step challenges, tracking heart rates during workouts, and understanding the correlation between sleep data and workout intensity. Educate clients on their numbers.

  2. Outdoor Exercise and Golf Enthusiasm: Understanding the increasing interest in outdoor exercise and golf can help tailor your offerings. Supporting clients' goals in running, hiking, and golf can add variety and cater to their evolving needs. This involves knowledge of injury prevention, using functional sports specific training and explaining the use of exercises in regards to outside of the gym-goals.

  3. Addressing Burnout Protocols: A thorough understanding of burnout symptoms and ways to mitigate them is critical. Professionals should provide anti-anxiety workouts and emphasize the importance of active recovery sessions. This is something my mentees learn in their programming skills.

  4. Superstar Trainers & Exercise as Medicine: Grasping the emergence of superstar trainers can allow you to adapt your strategies. Similarly, recognizing the shift towards valuing exercise as a pathway to better internal health rather than mere physical appearances, can help in creating effective training programs. If you'd like to learn more in an unbiased way about Complementary and Alternative treatments my programs include an entire module on this.

Environment-Based Themes:

  1. Accommodating "Workout Snacks": Adapting to the modern environment of hybrid fitness means accommodating for shorter, more frequent workouts throughout the day. Consider offering a range of workout lengths in your video library to meet this demand.

  2. Building Community: Fostering a sense of community is crucial in any fitness environment. Initiating programs such as icebreakers in group classes or implementing ambassador programs can help new members feel more connected. This will also help you to retain members.

  3. Hybrid Fitness: With the hybrid fitness trend showing no signs of slowing down, it's essential to build a versatile environment that blends both in-person and online experiences. This includes mastering digital platforms to host videos, accept payments, and schedule classes.

  4. Innovative Group Classes: As fitness professionals, it's important to remain updated with the demand for unique and fun group classes, and reflect this in the training environment. Offering diverse and creative classes can keep clients engaged and motivated. You're not competing online with the studio "down the road" you're now competing with every studio in the world for attention. (I have a course on creating fitness magic for your clients if this one concerns you!)

Psychology-Based Themes:

  1. Prioritizing Mindfulness: In response to an increasingly stressful world, integrating mindfulness practices into your training protocol is key. Providing information and guidance in mindfulness practices can help clients better manage stress and improve overall wellness.

  2. Emphasizing Recovery: Understanding the psychology of active recovery can help fitness professionals create more effective workout regimens. This involves offering recovery tools, discussing their benefits, and providing guidance on how to use them to aid in rest and recuperation.

  3. Ensuring Cleanliness: Maintaining a clean environment not only ensures safety but also provides psychological comfort to clients who may be worried about getting sick. Clear communication about cleanliness protocols can help alleviate these concerns and build client confidence in the safety of your facilities.

There you have it, do you agree? Do you have any to add? Let me know. And if you'd like to know about how my programs can help you, reach out here and lets chat!

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