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Every personal trainers / boutique studio tech bundle

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The game CHANGED when I started using some of these programs. Yes it's another expense and they do seem pricey as some are in USA dollars, but guess what, some SAVED me a whole darn day in my life - of organising and counting and chasing people. Not to mention I probably would have missed <due to accounting errors> some invoices and therefore the amount that has saved me has been HUGE.

More of the specifics of why I chose each one are coming in a different blog post but here on this page you might want to check out these specific bundles first.

If you do happen to use them let me know by sending me a message, Id love to hear how it's changed things for you.

To give you perspective, I actually spent (on top of 70 hour weeks) 4 months trialing and demoing all the different pieces of software to find the best ones and that way I knew what would work and what was not worth it. Now I check in to see if there are better versions (so this page will be updated regularly).

The list of tech platforms is divided into ESSENTIAL vs OPTIONAL BUT NICE. Keep in mind these are my recommendations based on running an online program and bricks and mortar business with as little hassle as possible. If you’re currently using a tech platform that is not on the list, that’s ok. If it’s working for you, keep it, if not, maybe switch to one that I’ve listed below.

NOTE: I don't yet have affiliate links for everything BUT I probably should. I'm just a satisfied user.


When we’re talking about the MUST HAVE tech resources, I’m thinking about the bare bones, some of which the free version is adequate:

  • Cloud hosting for content, easy download and delivery

  • Email marketing so you can communicate with your subscribers and clients

  • Digital marketing platform so you can market your business

  • Program delivery membership site so you can run your online program

  • Program delivery of exercises (the nature of this depends on your clientele and their goals)

  • Video meetings/coaching calls so you can have client calls, meetings, record video/audio etc

  • Booking system for your calendar (which is integrated with the payment processor)

  • Checkout pages so you can sell online

  • Merchant account so you can take in money online

  • Graphic/PDF creation/editing so you can make and edit social media content and client handouts

  • A website (if you can't code, try WIX or Wordpress)

As long as you can collect leads, send emails and transact online, you can get started. At the beginning, you want to keep your tech stack as simple as possible. You might also want to consider a few things in regard to narrowing it down from the following:

Some being for example: do your clients need videos with their exercises? Are they over 40? How are you holding conversations with your clients? How much time are you spending on booking people in?

Mindbody/Push Press/ Wellness Living

Google Drive (cloud storage)

Wix or Wordpress

Google Apps for Business (professional business email)

Vimeo/YouTube (for video hosting)

Zoom (the free version is fine for 40mins or less)

Paychoice/Stripe/Paypal (merchant)

Click funnels (sales pages, lead magnet pages, webinar registration pages, checkout pages, membership site)

Active Campaign (email marketing)


Aus Post Mailbox and business account (or something in your location so you don’t have your home address posted everywhere)

Lastpass (if you have anyone else sharing passwords)


External webcam (for better looking video) -- Logitech Brio but your phone is just fine!

External microphone (for better sound quality) -- Blue Yeti

Ring light (for better lighting)

Zapier (to connect certain platforms)

Grammarly (for spell check and grammar)

BigVU (telepromoter app for the phone)

Paid version of Canva

Zoom webinar


Asana/Trello or Monday (project management platform)

Slack (to communicate with your team)

Quickbooks/Zero (accounting software)

Loom (to record quick video tutorials for clients)

Twilio (to sent text messages to prospects)

Group leads (to collect and organize Facebook group leads)

PipeDrive (for tracking leads and sales)

Fiverr/WorkspaceCo (virtual assistant hiring platform)

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