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Wellness trends 2024

Updated: May 31, 2023

Okay so I get it, I'm like the grocery store that is putting up Christmas decorations after Easter, but I figured I'd make some trend predictions for 2024 which completely change our world in 3 ways: the who, the what and the where for wellness! Some have already commenced because of restrictions imposed in the past few years but for some of these trends I am here for it and have been "in" on the trend for a little while!

Who: Comprehensive Health Consultants and Wellness Coaches

The world of health and wellness is evolving beyond the confines of conventional personal training. Comprehensive health consultants and wellness coaches are taking the center stage, providing holistic health advice, and empowering clients to develop personal wellness plans that suit their unique needs. Their expertise extends to the innovative concept of biohacking and exercise as a medicine, promoting cognitive and physical health through lifestyle changes, diet modifications, exercise, and supplementation. They encourage active recovery strategies, such as the use of infrared saunas, ice baths, and provide guidance on how to turn workouts into workout snacks. With their help, individuals can engage in low impact, high-intensity activities and resistance training, enabling them to optimize their health effectively and efficiently.

Note I have found in recent years a fear of the word "holistic" because people think of non measurable advice and practices but instead I would like to say that all of the above (checking your sleep, encouraging exercise to fit your lifestyle, nutrition to fit your needs) are measurable!

What: Innovative Wellness Practices Various health trends are dominating the fitness landscape.

Biohacking, active recovery, and the concept of exercise as medicine are growing in popularity. People are using wearable technology to help them be guided by their body with real feedback, and opening their mind to nootropics like lions mane mushrooms (they may be magic for cognition but these are not "magic mushrooms"). Think looking at your watch to tell you that your body needs to have a pilates session instead of the original idea of a run. Individuals are also learning from their health coaches to "chunk" their workouts into manageable "workout snacks" for ease of integration into their daily schedules. Low impact, yet high-intensity exercises, and resistance training are being preferred over more high impact activities. The use of wearable technologies is aiding in the creation of personalized health strategies.

Additionally, the advent of outdoor activities like infrared sauna and participating in hikes is offering fresh ways to experience wellness while engaging with the environment. I encourage parents who want to do more outdoor activities for fitness to either find a way to involve the kids or stay ready for the time you find to hike by doing the more time efficient weight training which can be a shorter more convenient session but at the right intensity can provide crossover effects to keep you strong for a run or a hike when you do find the time.

Where: Versatile Fitness Environments

Health and fitness practices are no longer confined to traditional gym spaces, instead transcend into the online, or on-the-go categories.

Hybrid fitness experiences, blending online and in-person workouts, are gaining traction. Whether in the comfort of their own home gyms, in the more social environment of physical gym spaces, or even on-the-go, individuals can now engage in fitness activities despite their limitations or restrictions. Furthermore, fitness centers are evolving, many now featuring designated recovery spaces that incorporate innovative wellness strategies like infrared saunas, offering a comprehensive wellness experience.

There you have it! Thanks for reading. Do you agree? Shall we see how these pan out? If you have any questions on what Ive covered or if you are interested to find out what benefits a particular aspect of holistic health may have for you, I have a series of programs designed to help you get the most from your lifestyle whether you have an injury, illness, are getting started after a hiatus or just want to find out how to make exercise work for you. Reach out and lets get started!

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