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The best 4 tips (YOU AREN'T DOING) to get more leads

Now, I recently had a conversation with this lovely gentleman who was doing some cold calling, to see if it could help me with marketing and sales in my business. He believed that he could only help me with sales and not with marketing and that is where a very interesting conversation occurred. I asked him whether he could help me more with the copywriting component of sales or with the follow up of sales, and he said sales is only about talking to people on the phone or talking to them in person. And I had to disagree with him, which I told him respectfully, because we should always be selling to our clients. That's not any kind of trickery type of way, but the thing is, unless you're making it really obvious that there's something for sale, you're probably going to be confusing people.

Here are some tips you might be missing.

  1. Always be making an offer, don't be shy and do this regularly. You got to invite people at the end of each of your posts and content that you're putting out there, to work with you. Because otherwise you're actually confusing your audience, and sometimes people think you may be offering something different than what you're actually offering, or they may be wondering how they can work with you but they don't want to be that person that asks.

  2. Try to be testing and testing and testing all the time. If you are not testing and you're doing the same thing all the time and your leads are drying up. Well guess what? You are going to only be accessing the same people by doing the same thing. You need to try and reach new audiences by doing different things.

  3. Make sure that you're using different platforms so that you can reach different audiences and that you're also posting quite similar content and voices across all of them. So that's your Facebook and your Instagram. Tik tok is particularly good because now that it's partnered with Google, it helps increase your SEO because tik tok videos are now even ranking in Google as well. On top of that, making sure that it's quite similar content across these platforms. But on top of that, inviting people to still work with you on each of these platforms.

  4. Always being open to having a conversation. So unless you are a low ticket offering and you're relying on evergreen content that just is advertising without having many opportunities to chat to your potential audience, then you want to be having conversations all the time. Whether it's responding in the comments to people or talking with them in your direct messages. You want to make sure that first of all, you're getting a real sense of what your audience likes and dislikes, and confirming proof of concept as well as just making them know that you're really open to having conversations.

So there you have it. Those are some tips for you: which of the tips above resonated, which of them are you going to employ and which have you been thinking about doing but you haven't actually done yet? Because remember, you can't be annoyed about the results you're not getting from the things that you're not doing. Reach out and hit us back with the answer.

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