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Keep going FitPro! Stop waiting for perfection!

This post is a little bit different, and those who hate motivational posts, definitely roll your eyes right now because this is a motivational post, but I'm gonna take you a bit down memory lane.

I remember when I first started out, I thought about how many things that I would employ if I was running my own fitness business and if I was able to do things my way. That was my dream <it was my BHAG if you want to say> and I had this vivid passion to help people but also to create a really safe space for people to learn, enjoy and come together. I really wanted to change the world with this and I wanted to grow to a big scale. So where I started was, I just kept following my heart. I was learning to do group fitness, and then from there getting my fitness certification, I was studying honours at University but I enjoyed working in fitness so much. Doing these both at the same time probably wasn't the best idea but hey, I was multitasking. As you can see, years and years later, I'm still doing what I absolutely love. I haven't given up yet and I don't think that you should either.

Fast forward to this day and I've created a number of successful fitness businesses. I've hired staff. I have absolutely changed the life plan for so many people that I've had the opportunity to work with. And yeah, whilst there have been days that have been bad, and I thought it was the end of all days, there's also been a number of days that have been really good as well. Sometimes you get a run of bad spells one after the other and you start thinking that the universe is trying to tell you something, when really, this is just your negative mindset kicking in and it's kind of an impostor syndrome, kicking in where it's like, you don't deserve all of this stuff that you've been working towards.

If you ever read, the alchemist, which is highly recommended reading, you'll find that when you're on the brink of the largest breakthrough, that's when you're going to be challenged the most. So really, you've got to read this book, The Alchemist, because I don't want to bastardize it in this blog. But literally, this guy is tested and tested and tested the whole way through. In the end, by persevering, he got exactly everything he dreamed about and more.

So by continuing to persevere, that was the thing that got him through and pretty much that's how I've always found things in my life to be. One of the things that will make you give up the most is when you put too much pressure on yourself. Your vision of perfection vs what actually is going to sell and inspire people, and help people is actually very different. So what if there are people out there that you are actually depriving them of learning the skills that are presented in a slightly imperfect way (to your standards), and you're making them wait, because you're waiting until your hair is perfect or the sun is out? Or your favorite clothing brand decides to sponsor you, or until there's a sign from the gods that like you get a lottery win, that you can open your own studio and that sort of thing. Instead, think of how many lives that you're going to change by getting out there starting your fitness business, starting your boot camp, and just giving it a go and not being afraid to fail because even if you mess up or you don't do it quite right in the start, or you haven't really perfected it just yet. You will be lessons ahead of someone who's just waiting until it's their own idea of perfect, as long as you have the passion in your heart to do it, you're dedicated to learning your cert three and cert four…. Or maybe you already have it. You too can work your way from having zero clients to having your books absolutely filled and then potentially hiring staff and then having a boutique studio and and more, all of that is possible. So whatever you do, keep going and don't stop learning and trying to refine your process and your methods and stay on top of industry trends.

Also, why not share all that you've learned with others because in this the Rule of Reciprocity, you're going to receive much more back than you put out there. Anybody that's trying to copy you, well they don't have any of their own ideas, they still need to copy at the end of the day. Never stop marketing and selling to people. Just keep refining your processes based on what you learn from people you work with and that sort of thing.

You have the power within you to do a lot of good within the world and it is quite selfish to be keeping that to yourself. So get out there and make it happen and do all of the things that you're destined to do. It's okay if you trip up and it's okay if you need a little bit of help. Reach out, begin a phone call or have a look at some of the courses that we have on offer because we can help you get there faster. Thanks for reading, have an amazing day.

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