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Can the effects of daylight-saving be like jet lag?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

According to research at Massey University’s sleep/wake centre, this most certainly can happen. It can mean that you lose sleep, and when you do get into a slumber your sleep is likely to be less restful. Those who are particularly effected are the night-owls: so teenagers and young adults.

Even though an hour might not seem like much, it is enough to affect your circadian rhythm, which is your sleep cycle.

Qu: Is there one that is more difficult than the other? A: Springing the clock forward is the most difficult. The reason is that you lose an hour of your sleep, and it is easier to fall asleep and wake up later than earlier.

Some tips: 1. Include slight adjustments to your bedtime the day prior to, day of, and day after daylight saving. Smaller adjustments of 20 minutes can be much more effective in lowering the chance of disturbing your circadian rhythm. 2. As with jet lag, avoid alcohol as a sleep aid. 3. Give yourself a lot more time for your travel (International studies show that there are a lot more incidents of crashes following daylight savings). 4. Avoid bright screens prior to bedtime (such as computers; iPhones and tablets) 5. Try to get a lot of sunlight in the morning: this is where you should avoid wearing sunglasses if possible 6. Give yourself extra time for travel as each other driver on the road will be experiencing similar struggles. 7. Avoid caffeine in the afternoon.

Now you know it: daylight saving can be taxing! I hope these methods can help you! I also have a post on sleep and gains.

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