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12 organic ways to get new clients for your fitness business or boutique gym

This next article may serve as a reminder or as a open framework to get more leads organically.

Whilst we have an entire "plug and play" course on how to obtain, find and nurture clients because it is such big layer to the 7 pillars of your business, to get you started we picked the 12 that you could employ with the least amount of extra training or follow up so that we can create massive action for you! Why 12? Because in working with businesses just like yours, we have come to see that 12 is the tipping minimum number of traffic sources to have a successful or thriving business.

Before you start the marketing strategies outlined...

The number one mistake that people make when they are lead generating is to go after everyone, and provide whatever “everyone” is looking for. That very approach will have you pulling your hair out with frustration and people asking for refunds. First, identify your ideal client avatar. Before you can even think about marketing, you need to identify exactly who you are trying to reach, and what problem that you are trying to solve for them. Then it is much easier to get in front of these people and also communicate how you overcome these pain points.

Show people that you are valuable by giving value, and you'll never be in need of extra strategies again. Your studio and books fills with one conversation at a time.

Note: Building a social media presence takes a lot of time, so if you are relying on that in the beginning then you’ll get frustrated by the process... I’m not saying don’t do social media but I am saying to not rely on it to get clients in the beginning.

If you do have a large social media following that’s actively engaged with you, you’ll also find strategies for taking advantage of social media on this list.

Here are 12 ways to get more leads for your fitness and wellness business:

1. Lead a talk or workshop

Offer a one day intensive or weekend workshop -- virtually or in person! Use this workshop as a paid or free event to show people your area of expertise and delve into how you solve your target niches problem, then invite people to chat about whether what you offer as your main service is the right fit for them.

This workshop could also be offered as a bonus to people who sign up to #2 below!

2. Create a free challenge that partners with your current services

Many people know they want an outcome and try to make a way to solve the problem without expert guidance. "I want to do exercise 1 time a week" etc. Usually this is based only on budget and not on real knowledge of you or your services and how much effort it takes to get you there.

So why not create a habit formation challenge as a lead into your services which recommends a certain number of things and habits to form each week for 6 weeks with prompts to exercise on particular days and recommend your classes. I.e. this week do pilates 2 days, and strength 2 days, and walk 2 days. Within that also add some education which will help the person to see the link between their goals and what you offer, which is a means to their outcome. Your classes and sessions are not their goal, the outcome of your sessions is. Throw in a limited time only discount for participants!

3. Reach out to your database

Reach out to past and current clients and create a “waitlist” on your latest offer.

Reach out to past participants (online or offline) and offer follow up support for those

who participated in your last program. People who bought from you before will buy from you again.

4. Look out for empty buildings or empty windows around you and advertise there (with permission)

Since the dawn of time people have been looking to street signage and windows that they walk past to find out information. Do not disappoint. I have actually seen some excellent examples of these when I was traveling in the USA. One window was dedicated to the the branding message of the studio, and inviting people in, the other was dedicated to the latest offers and joining incentives to come into the studio and try it out.

People now know how to us QR codes so you can also bring that into your marketing messaging too. If you don't have shop windows, find a place in the vicinity that has an empty shop for rent and ask whether the estate agent would speak to the landlord and allow you to advertise in the window! Very effective and also very innovative.

5. Start a referral program

The best source of clients is through word of mouth! Make it easy for current and past

clients to refer you. Offer a gift session for both parties. Your clients can give an on-the-house session to their boss, husband, or a friend they think will benefit from working with you. This opens your network and serves your community. You may wish to offer special referral fees, a special bonus, or a thank you gift to those who share your name.

P.S. There’s always a master connector who loves recommending things and people. Be on

the watch for that person and take good care of them. They are powerful networkers

and love doing it on your behalf.

6. Create a seminar or retreat day

Speak at existing groups/gatherings where your ideal client hangs out. Reach out to yoga centers, networking events, schools, meet-up groups, colleges, banks, golf communities, campuses, churches, corporate settings, business organizations/companies, spiritual centers -- wherever your ideal client hangs out.

Get in front of them and work your magic.

Consider inviting an influencer with a larger social media following or a more

established coaching practice as a way to increase attendance.

7. Offer a breakthrough session

Offer a powerful breakthrough session exclusively for your email list, and for a limited

number of people. Note, the best people use these to showcase how knowledgeable they are in the topic. Don't con people onto the call by telling them its a breakthrough session and hijack the call with "how much can you afford to work with me, and Ill ask you how much you are making to see if we are a good fit". I cannot begin to explain to you how ripped off a person will feel when you try to sell without showing any value.

8. Collaborate

Together with a colleague, throw an online challenge, contest, or giveaway — that way

both of you help with the marketing.

Partner with a colleague

9. Great branded on clothing and signs

Get your fave tops and trousers branded with your logo, motto and telephone number. The vibe you have in public will be a talking point and will attract your tribe. You'd be surprised at how many people found me and my services when COVID lockdowns in Melbourne initially allowed one on one sessions in the park. People would see how I trained and interacted with people and it gave them the opportunity to reach out and say hiiiiiiiii!

10. Gift vouchers

Put vouchers for sale on your website for gifts and donate some of these to local raffles in schools and creches for example. We provide you with templates for these on the course. Here are some ideas:

Full-Day Intensive (either for 1:1 clients or a group)

Half-Day Intensive

2-hour mini Intensive

Monthly retainers

12-week packages

6 month or year-long packages (for deeper intensives)

A weekend workshop

An exotic retreat or a corporate training

A mastermind as a high-end offering

11. Corporate partnerships

Add value to companies in your area with access to services for their team members at a discounted rate or add ons if they partner with you. There are ways to lead with service that don’t require your time. A recorded webinar is one of the most strategic ways to target your ideal audience (and you can put it on your


12. Attend events or have a stall

Why not start looking out for events that likeminded people are at? Either that has people at the event who you can collaborate with (such as the FICs conference, or FitEx), or that has your target niche at the event (maybe a school fete?) Speak to like-minded people and offer service, value, and how to get in touch. Follow-up with people you meet, invite them into a conversation with you, and serve them.

If at one with collaboration potential think of the ways that you can help to catapult both businesses with the alliance: think partnering with a nutritionist or mindset coach.

13. Invest in a coach or course that will save you years of struggle (such as Sweat Equity Coaching).

I believe that you will find your way in the industry without my help, or maybe you'll give up trying. But one of the things I do know is that the best way to save money, stress and get more leads in your business is not to spend too much time trying to workout the answer yourself and instead catapulting off the shoulders of the giants before you. So here is where Ill invite you to have a conversation with me or the team and see where we can best help you.

Which strategy jumped out at you that you’re inspired to implement now? As a coach, I

challenge you to take action on one of these TODAY.

For the people you’re connecting with, maybe they’ll become a client now, or maybe they’ll reach out to work with you later. Or maybe they’ll refer a friend or family member! Trust the process, stay open, and detach from the outcome.

Ready to build the wellness business of your dreams and grow it to lifestyle changing capacity? Reach out to put your name on the waitlist for our next launch.

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