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  • Dr Susan Baxter

Why are we (guilt)-tripping the fallen!

Often the journey of wellness starts with the guilt.

There is that aha moment in life. Self esteem is shot, and the motivation for doing something about it, is to commence feeling better about themselves.

Getting to that point of change is hard. Change in itself is hard too. But harder still is starting to take action by reaching out to someone else for help. its admitting that you aren’t quite able to do it by yourself.

That’s not to say it is weak, it in fact is strong. Asking questions and investigating is a sign of strength. But it feels like admitting defeat.

BUT: reaching out for help is the best thing to do. Reach out to a personal trainer, a coach, a nutritionist.

Why? Because it is their job and living that they make from expertly changing lives. If they were no good at it, they wouldn’t be able to pursue it as a career!

Think about it. It’s like if your car breaks down. If you are anything like me, someone asks you “what type of engine is in it” you will answer…. “uhhhhh it’s silver?” (ok maybe you will answer better than me.

The point remains: Your job, livelihood and life isn’t fitness/nutrition. Otherwise you wouldn’t be at this moment right here. Therefore chat to the expert who can save you a lot of time along the way.

A professional can teach you how to get to your goals quicker, without making as many “rookie mistakes”. Sure, you have to pay for that service, but the alternative is longer frustration, and perhaps making some mistakes that actually are taking you further away from your goals!

A professional has also heard it all. Do not feel guilty telling them any of your deepest and darkest confessions of less than optimal choices.

Why? Because they are used to it, and also because they cannot help you unless they know the full picture. You can’t change your past, but with their help, yo can definitely change the future.

Find the professional that suits your style (you are the consumer after all), and ask as many questions as you can, so that you can learn the long term decisions that can help you to be able to sustain that golden goal you seek. Partner up with a special coach that dedicates their professional life to helping you achieve your result.

And to really purge all of those feelings of guilt? Write down all the baggage you have for less than ideal health choices. Not forgiving yourself for the past is like drinking poison and expecting another person to die from it! Keep the things in your life that are working, and write down what isn’t… and move away (either as a choice or with the help of your PT/coach).

Maybe you also need to calm down and not be so hard on yourself. Experience is a lesson that no one can teach you, and you certainly cannot re-write your past.

You are better than you think you are. the best investment that you can make is in yourself. So just believe.

If you like what you read, I do have a series of Ebooks on Amazon. i have designed these to inform and educate with real no-nonsense information about how to live a sustainably healthy life long term. It is the tool kit and knowledge that you need to make your own informed decisions for long term health.

Find them here.

Thank you for reading.

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