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Spot reduction?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

QU: Hi Suz, what is the best way to get rid of fat around the belly and top of thighs? I try and stick to 1500 calories a day – use My Fitness Pal to log my meals. If I exercise, I eat a little more. I do weights twice a week split between upper and lower body with abs at both sessions. Cardio once or twice week on cross trainer and if possible a spin class

ANS: It is not possible to spot reduce i am afraid… as much as we would all love to. Ill give you an example. Im naturally a pear shape and have no shoulders and big boootay and thighs. Over time i have worked hard with heavy weights to get wider shoulders to balance my booty out (i think its worked well so far!)

In order to reduce excess around the tummy area, the first most crucial aspect is to look at your diet: you cannot out-exercise a poor nutrition plan. Ensure that you are getting adequate protein (the most essential macronutrient as your body cannot manufacture this one), then carbs and fats (fats as essential also).

You mention that if you exercise that you eat more: but in order to reduce body fat, it is a requirement to create a calorific deficit. That can be done by increasing energy expenditure in exercise (so unless you are aiming to maintain, it is important to ensure that there is a slight calorific deficit in comparison to your outputs.

Reducing by just 100 calories can make a difference over time. As you reduce weight, it is important to maintain muscle mass, so protein consumption should be a priority. After exercise your muscles will be thirsty and this is the primo time to have a protein shake with some fast acting and absorbed protein powder: such as whey or hydrowhey. be sure to include some carbs too in order to provide energy for the body to shuttle the protein into the muscle. I (although I might be a bit biased)….. would recommend lifting heavy as this really fires up the core and gets your body working hard to strengthen that area (more so than crunches alone). Check my post on the core vs. abs. Remember that cardio is going to make you a smaller version of what you already are shaping wise so incorporating some weights to sculpt into your dream physique is the way to change your shape.

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