Hello team…


Times have been crazy and surreal. At the DrSuzSQUAD I would like to wish you well and also give you my deepest sympathies for those personally affected and effected by COVID-19.


We, as a nation (and globally) need to support each other more than ever: with strength, energy, and health so that we can have a better quality of life. 


For the foreseeable future, we will not be offering in-person training, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! Or that we are abandoning you. In fact, we have been working around the clock at the DrSuzSquad to bring you more ways to feel supported, motivated and educated with the tools and knowledge you need J

So for that reason, we introduce to you, virtual video Zoom training; park training (where possible) and online coaching.

We set you up with the exercises you can do, tailored to you, based on the exact resources that you have available to you in terms of equipment, time and current needs.


When you join our team, there is a focus on creating healthy habits and getting a new routine, stress coping mechanisms; and education for what considerations to be taken into account for daily decision making with a view to healthy living.


Zoom virtual PT session:

Keep your PT close (in your house!) and your accountability high!

You can ask questions, get immediate feedback on movements and learn new skills.


Personalised, tailored programs:
Target your goals and address each pillar of health including: balance, cardio, strength, dynamic stability, agility, reaction times, coordination.


Regular support and check-ins
DrSuzSquad is ready to hear from you. We also keep in touch via a private group on Facebook, messaging and you get newsletters as well.


Strong Pilates; SuperBurn; LitePace (coming soon!)
Get personalized attention in semi-private training all in the comfort of your own home! Minimal equipment required and many levels provided.

No Lock-In!

We are here to help, so there is no lock-in especially when we are potentially in lock-down! You can pause, change plan or stop :-( whenever you need to.

If there was ever a time to move daily, move well

and everyone comes together...

Payment Infographic.png

Choose your pricing plan

  • 10x Strong Pilates

    Optimising, core strength, stability and dynamic stability.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Strong Pilates
  • Best Value

    Optimal Health

    For those wanting to make the initial start to better health
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Personal pre-exercise questionnaire
    • Bio-mechanical assessment
    • Personalised workout plan (one only)
    • Access to secure Facebook group
    • Access to one of my e-books (worth $50)
  • Optimal Health +

    Every month
    The most popular package
    • Personal pre-exercise questionnaire
    • Bio-mechanical assessment
    • Personalised workout plan (1 per 5 weeks)
    • Access to secure FB group for news, tips & inspiration
    • Access to two of my published e-books worth over $100
    • Online PT sessions (One 45min session per week)
  • Accelerated Optimal+

    Every month
    For accelerated goal achievements
    • Personal pre-exercise questionaire
    • Bio-mechanical assessment
    • Personalised workout plan (as and when required)
    • Access to secure FB group for news, tips & inspiration
    • Access to all my published e-books worth over $180
    • Personalised nutrition plans & macronutrient aims
    • Online PT sessions (Three 30min sessions per week)
    • Accountability and coaching calls