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This book aims to provide an overview of the principles of eating healthy long term, so that you can be better informed for strategies to implement each. Some of the core ideals of mainstream diets are presented along with the pros and cons of these to provide a bigger picture for your health.
This book is to help you make your own decisions on nutrition and eating so that you can eat for life, and not for a diet with an expiration date.

Ultimate Healty Series.jpg

This book is the sign! It is that neon light that you are searching for, the universe springing into alignment and the hue of colours in the world brightening up. I hope what this book contains will empower you to make long lasting change. To make long lasting decisions and give you the tools that you require for all of this. I want this book to be the information super highway of just the exact things that you need to consider and what you might like to do in order to make an overarching lifestyle of health.

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Recipe and sugar-free eating ideas for you to try and enjoy.

Unreserved Fitness.jpg

This book is designed to give you guidance to determine your best approach to exercise, to be able to create your own informed personal plan of exercise. It is in no way intended to take the place of expert advice or consultation, but it can make you better informed to make a lifetime and lifestyle change (which is what contributes to long lasting change: consistency!).

Competing Interests.jpg

This book is written to assist you with learning about entering fitness / bodybuilding competitions. The topics included are: posing; federations; tanning; post competition strategies; routine making; and common myths and misconceptions are addressed.

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This book is for you. I know you are busy: No one has any more time in the day than anyone else. Where we devote our time should be with the things that matter the most. Don’t spend it all preparing healthy meals: all you need is 3.75 minutes for each meal!

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