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2. Book an obligation-free "strategy session" so we can help you create the exact plan for your goals- with us, or not... we want the best for you

AHA makes achieving your fitness & shape dreams inclusive and inviting.

Do you get frustrated with your injury, niggle or pain getting in the way of you succeeding in your personal or professional life?

Do you sit (at work or during the day) a lot?

You might not have the time to study up for 10 years at University on holistic health, or to study a certificate in nutrition and psychology, or work for 16 years with 100s of people to get the experience, but that's where we come in - our founder has a PhD in exercise for muscular skeletal conditions, so you don't have to.


We make you the expert of your body and to never have to suffer with pain, niggles or injuries unnecessarily.

What are you waiting for, let's get started!


Don't waste time stressing out "if" your "personal trainer" can get you there, choose someone who has buckloads of knowledge and experience in your unique injury and can give you REAL advice.

Just Imagine....

- No More Pain :)
- More Free Time!
- Just feeling...STRONG!

What are you waiting for, let's get started!

If you are you still reading this, I train a lot of rebels too!


We use a combination of tools: nutrition plans / exercise programs / coaching semi-private / group training

Take Action...NOW...Let's CHANGE Together, let me assess your needs and suggest your best path from our tools available.

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keep going...!


Thom Moore

Susan is Melbourne’s best holistic personal trainer and coach.

Susan’s doctorate qualifications in physiology, nutrition and psychology translate seamlessly into a science-based, individualised program.

Susan combines a keen intellect with the most wonderful people skills and inspiring levels of energy and enthusiasm. She is passionate about her vocation and cares deeply about her clients and their progress.

I am a busy professional, but in 10 months Susan has transformed my physique, replaced bad habits with good, heightened my self-awareness and significantly improved my wellbeing. All done in a combination of private development sessions and with great team members in a fully equipped studio, involving lots of fun and support.

This is a premium product, delivering the very best results, by a talented, caring and consummate professional.

A perfect 5 stars!

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Lisa Streeter

I started training with Susan in July 2021. My initial focus was to work on niggles that were related to my hypo-mobility particularly my "winging" shoulders and the issues that they created. My goals were to move more freely, build strength and become leaner. Susan provided expert advice, support and coaching together with some "humour", all of which has been wonderful in helping me achieve my goals. In addition to the workouts, Susan has guided and supported me in changing my diet which has been an easy transition and results have been amazing. I am leaner, stronger and feel great.. thanks to Susan. Susan is professional and friendly...... and a fabulous PT. Highly recommend.


Richard Pearson

I cannot recommend Suze more highly.  She is highly qualified but she also cares deeply about her individual clients and their progress.  I started working with her when I had a bad back, which is now better.  I am much fitter and stronger and have lost over 10kg by following her advice.

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